10 Tech PR Acronyms You Should Know

Whether you love them or hate them, acronyms really do save time typing and getting ideas across quickly and efficiently. If you are new to public relations, you might not know all of the important acronyms. Here is a list of some crucial acronyms and definitions to help you better understand the PR lingo.

  1. B2B-Business to Business: Companies that sell to other companies rather than a company that sells to consumers. Example: A software application company that provides a platform for Fortune 500 companies to turn their website into mobile applications.
  2. B2C-Business to Consumer: Companies that sell to consumers. Ex: Apple
  3. EOD/EWD-End of Day/End of Workday: PR is a very deadline-driven industry. If something is assigned EOD it means the task or project needs to be completed by the end of workday.
  4. IPO- Initial Public Offering: This is when a company decides to go from private to public and make its stock available for purchase by the public. This is the first time the owners of the company give up control by allowing their shares to be purchased by outside stockholders.
  5. KPI’s-Key Performance Indicators: These indicators are used by businesses to evaluate factors that are crucial to the success of an organization. Ex: net revenue
  6. RFP-Request For Proposal: Companies send out RFP’s when they are looking to do business with an agency. Different agencies fill out the RFP questionnaire and then submit a “bid” to try and secure the company’s business. PR firms can also be proactive participants and find and apply for RFPs.
  7. SEO-Search Engine Optimization: This is the process of maximizing the number of people that are visiting a specific website by making sure the site is listed at the top of results returned by a search engine. For more information about how to make your website optimized check out Google’s search optimization starter guide.
  8. UMV-Unique Monthly Visitors: This is the number of visitors who visit a website in a month. This number can be good to find when pitching an opportunity to a client. The higher the UMV, the more popular the website is and the greater potential of the story gaining traction.
  9. VC-Venture Capital: This is money provided by investors to startups and small businesses. This investment can be risky, but can yield to long-term potential if the business is successful.
  10. WFH- Work From Home: This one is pretty self-explanatory, but if you are lucky enough to work remotely, take advantage of it.

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