4 Analytics Platforms You Should Be Using

Why Analytics Are Important

Analytics are useful to see if a public relations campaign was successful or not. By comparing the beginning statistics to the end statistics, you can see if your organization’s efforts (and the money that was spent) was worthwhile. Here are some important platforms you should be using to help uncover those key insights.

Multiple PlatformsMentionScreenshot

  • Mention (Paid, but offers free trial): This platform monitors several platforms including the web, Twitter, blogs, Facebook and
    YouTube. Mention can be useful in public relations campaigns because it
    can identify potential outlets and coverage opportunities. After the
    campaign is over, it can help to generate a report with the results.

simplymeasured screenshot

  • Simply Measured (Paid, but offers free trial): Simply Measured allows users to analyze their brand across popular social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Vine. Some highlights of the platform include ways to measure your brand’s Instagram engagement and trends and a Facebook Competitive Analysis to compare your brand to other competition.


  • 8707477520_d31729788d_oTwitonomy (Free): This website analyzes your Twitter profile and breaks it down into an easy grid like format with key statistics. It shows the most influential users that you follow in terms of most retweeted, most replied to and most mentioned. Twitonomy shows your most retweeted tweets and your most favorited tweets. This platform is free to use and good to gain some insight about what tweets have been the most successful in the past.
  • TweetReach (Free): This can be used to see the estimated reach of the number of people who could see your tweets. You can look up an account, a hashtag or a keyword. It does not provide as much information as Twitonomy, but it could be helpful for some.tweetreachscreenshot

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